Thursday, January 25, 2007

cheap shots #1.

Because I had to stay late at work this morning and am tapped out ideawise, here's some linkage to good stuff:

1) Off Wing Opinion defends the NHL's expansion.
2) WBRS looks at the cost of a public university (in this case, Rutgers) being a D-1A football team on the rise.
3) AA has no clue why Frank Robinson is only going to be on the ESPN payroll for a short time.
4) If Mann Coulter were as funny as the guys at KSK write her, maybe I'd consider laughing instead of contemplating throwing stuff at my TV when she's on it.
5) James Wolcott nails why Little Miss Sunshine shouldn't be winning come Oscar time.
6) When does Jon Stewart and Co. not hit their target? Certainly not when it comes to State of the Union coverage.
7) The Big Picture has two of my favorite blog serials. One of them continues with another Blogger Interview.
8) What does a Republican senator look like when he goes upside verbally upon his party's head? The News Blog has the video.
9) With Leather confirms that you can get people to pay for you to accompany them to Super Bowl XLI if you happen to be a cute Bears fan.
10) Everyone's talking about Reggie Bush and some shady dealings on tape. My only take is that, if true, he's one of the few dumb enough to get caught.

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