Thursday, January 11, 2007

musical chairs, Buzzsaw update.

A post over at the FanHouse says Texans O-coordinator Mike Sherman is gonna be tapped to lead the Arizona Cardinals next year, taking over for the lamented (and equally lamentable) Denny Green. If true, it's not a bad hire, but not a great one either. The few cognizant images I have of Sherman from his days as the head man on the coaching sidelines in Green Bay post-Holmgren are images like the one I've used, more often than not with a confused and/or frustrated look on his face, with Packer teams that underachieved (and it seems to be a trademark of sorts with Sherman, a good coach who takes jobs of late with underperforming or permanently re-tooling teams.)

If the Bidwill family follows through on this, we can freely expect the biggest Buzzsaw backer in blogland to be in some form of mourning, as Sherman is not a bad enough choice to inspire mass protest or anger among the faithful used to losing; he's just another uninspiring choice for a sports city full of uninspiring choices, save the Suns.


Anonymous said...

Sherman to AZ is hilarious. This guy has been itching for head coaching job anywhere he can get it. He wanted the NC State job but they passed. If an ACC doesn't want him as their HC, why would AZ?

Signal to Noise said...

Lowe, even the dumbest AD (and from reading that thread, NC State fans think their AD is low on the wattage) is probably smarter than the Bidwill family.