Wednesday, January 10, 2007

high irony.

Jason Kidd filing for divorce from his wife Joumana, citing physical and mental abuse against both him and their children (hat tip: True Hoop, which you should be reading). This is the only amount of funny that I can wrest out of the whole thing, and it's more like a "funny-sick" than actual humor; "black humor" doesn't work, either.

The complaint, however, attempts to paint a detailed portrait of Joumana Kidd as a vitriolic, jealous and paranoid wife prone to public outbursts and threats, including during a recent Nets game.

According to the complaint, Joumana Kidd used the couple's 8-year-old son on Dec. 27 to sneak into the Nets locker room and rummage through Jason Kidd's locker to find his cell phone. After looking up the names and numbers on it, the complaint said she left her son behind as she went upstairs to take a front row seat, where she shouted insults at Kidd throughout the game.

Sounds like Doug Christie gets off easy, but let's remember that these two sounded like they were on the rocks years ago when Joumana brought a domestic complaint against Jason while he was with Phoenix, so the truth is somewhere between Kidd's petition and whatever his wife's lawyer might say.

As usual, my sympathies are with the kids -- at least daddy's a multi-millionaire and I think mom had some money saved up as an anchorwoman; they'll need it for the therapy bills.

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