Saturday, January 13, 2007

yeah, that messy divorce was worth it.

Per ESPN, Giants DE Michael Strahan has to pay his ex-wife the multi-millions she was due in the pre-nup plus the hundreds of thousands in child support owed. So, Michael, you just went through the public wringer of a New York messy divorce, including the accusations of an "alternative lifestyle" by the missus, and you still wind up having to pay the same money written into the paper? Clearly, you hired a hack for a divorce lawyer -- ask for the retainer back; he was about as useful as T.O.'s publicist.

I don't think you helped on the "alternative lifestyle" rumors by pulling the "MORE MEAT!" with Jared on those Subway ads, either. Rule #1 for all athletes in divorce cases, especially if you've got a pre-nup: PAY THE WOMAN.

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