Saturday, January 27, 2007

the curious case of Daryn Kagan.

Or, "What happens to someone who spends 12 years at CNN and is famous (or infamous) only for having fucked Rush Limbaugh?"

Ms. Kagan is the focus of such a piece by the Washington Post, where they analyze her new Web-only venture, which is a depository for stories charitably called "kickers" by those of us in the broadcast news world, "human interest stories" or "features" by the high-minded in management, and "touchy-feely bullshit" by both categories in more private company.

I actually tried to watch one of these things so you wouldn't have to, and I lasted about a minute and a half before the gag reflex started to kick. You may get a mild version of that same feeling if you read the Post's piece, with Kagan's neologisms like "having a sad" and "do-ist." The whole concept, as the article notes, is filled with bland, nameless spirituality in the service of optimism. It only leaves me with the impression that Kagan's soft-news reinvention is the infotaiment method of becoming a born-again.

At least she's not paid to say absolutely nothing of value by a network that considers itself journalism any more.

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