Wednesday, January 10, 2007

that's not what we mean by "old-school discipline."

Especially not if it means cock-punching, as this Colorado Springs high school basketball coach apparently was wont to do to his players. Other potentially problematic habits included various forms of hazing (including making a student run to catch up with the bus in the cold of the Castle Rock area) and having them view porn on his computer.

I'd be surprised, but as a former Denver dweller, we tend to believe that residents of the Springs (home to the equally fucked up U.S. Olympic Center and Focus on the Family, they're two different yet similar types of nutjobs; Christian fundamentalists and the stage parents of Olympic athletes) are prone to this sort of behavior either by genetic imprint or some form of training they give you when you take up residence in their ZIP code.

Despite the utter douchebaggery of the coach, it's kind of sad to me to find out that high school kids don't know a lead in to the "Bangkok' joke by the age of 14. Charter school clearly doesn't teach you jack.

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