Monday, January 29, 2007

Eldrick Woods makes golf shots.

Dude shot a 66 in the fourth round of the Buick Invitational to win the tourney yesterday after starting about three or four strokes back after the third round.

Watching Tiger Woods play in the fourth round is like watching Federer -- either he's ahead and looking to lock it up or he's just fucking around with the other players, waiting while they screw up and get the willies in his presence. Impending fatherhood continues to do wonders for him, as the Buick makes his seventh straight victory in a chase of Byron Nelson's consecutive tourneys streak.

Of course, him and Federer winning on Sunday brings around the usual question of "quien es mas macho?" when looking at Roger's 10 majors and Tiger's 12. I'd argue Tiger's, mostly because I suck at golf and can at least fake my way through tennis, but mostly on the premise that in golf, you are playing the course as well as the field, while that isn't as prevalent a factor in tennis (unless you are playing in the French Open, which Federer has yet to win.) But Federer's winning without dropping a set during an entire tournament makes me question that logic. To them, it's a dick-measuring contest, like "OK, motherfucker, whaddaya got?"


Mini Me said...

Tiger is the man. Is what he doing more impressive than what Federer is doing? It is close.

Signal to Noise said...

It's splitting hairs at this point. Again, I would only say Woods because I find golf a fuck of a lot tougher than tennis (and I suck at both.)