Thursday, January 18, 2007

well, you gotta have faith....

....especially if you are a fan of a baseball team that hasn't made the playoffs since 1995, never mind never winning its division.

The Colorado Rockies organization has decided to bring back "Faith Day" at Coors Field; it's not without precedent. It's been hosted there before (the Cards and the Braves allow the company that runs it to host it in their stadia too), but the case of the Rockies organization is more interesting because of last year's spate of attention on the team's front office consisting mostly of born-agains.

Coming from someone who thought weekends were better spent sleeping in and watching sports on TV than spending time in the synagogue or in Catholic Lite ceremonies (Episcopalianism: Same Great Taste, Less Papal BS!), I admit I find trying to be godly while your teams finish near the bottom of of a crap division a clear sign that it's not working. Then again, I remember that statewide, Colorado is a homing beacon for people of the God Squad, home to Mullah Dobson and Focus on the Family (and we've not forgotten about you, Ted Haggard), and the cynic in me appreciates the extra possibility of income (God always meets Mammon somewhere along the line.)

The Rockies can do no wrong, so long as they keep the faith, no matter how badly they lose in their division yet again. Just don't sign anyone with a chance of being the first MLBer to come out of the closet.

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