Monday, January 08, 2007

requesting some enlightenment.

This is all in the service of continuing my attempts at being a reasonably well-informed sports fan and viewer, so please bear with me on this. I need an explanation on something. Maybe you can do it; maybe you can link to something hiding on this here Internet that explains it without any bullshit reasons. On the day of the BCS Championship game, I need this question answered:


Barring a loss to Florida tonight, of course.

I'm not an OSU partisan; far from it. I think the habit of Buckeye jock alums to say "THE Ohio State University" is a close second in annoying to 'Cane alums saying "THA U" (only because the school is actually called the Ohio State University.) I am more than open to arguments as to why Troy Smith would not be the #1 pick; not every Heisman winner ought to go number #1, never mind get drafted (OU's Jason White is probably enjoying a pleasant career in the insurance industry.) But Jesus freaking Christ on a crutch, Brady Quinn gets hummers from the national media on a regular basis while not showing up in games that matter, and with JaMarcus Russell pretty much declaring, everyone's on his knob now too, despite a tendency to make some really stupid errors (thank you, The Big Lead, for some sanity on Russell). I haven't read much about Smith giving him much of a reach-around in terms of NFL draft status (maybe I read the wrong sites; he gets props all the time for being a great college QB). 30 passing touchdowns to five INTs. 6'1", 215. He has only lost to a Vince Young-led Texas team in the past two seasons and I'm hearing more about whether the Raiders will pick Quinn or Russell.

(Let me say I don't want either of those three to go to Oakland; the Black Hole is where quarterbacks go to die. All three of them should pull an Eli on Al Davis immediately.)

I seriously don't get it and I'm pretty sure I missed something here. If you have an explanation or a link that will do it, please help me out.

Oh, and OSU tonight, 31-27.


George said...

Two words: Gino and Torretta.

Troy Smith is an outstanding player on an even more outstanding team, and that's what's going to kill him in the draft. I'll agree that Quinn is overrated to an extent that should shame even someone who goes to Notre Dame, but a lot of people (me included) think that OSU would have been playing today if they'd had nearly any quarterback.

Signal to Noise said...

I understand the "Black Gino Toretta" theory, and it has some credence.

Do you remember last year's Texas-OSU where Vince Young had a subpar day and pulled it out? I still believe that if Tressel had played Smith instead of Zwick (or whatever his name was), OSU would have won, convincingly.