Sunday, January 14, 2007

a few quick ones (while he's away).

1) Musical chairs update: Fox's NFL "insider" claims Steeler O-coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is the new Buzzsaw coach. If true, it's a smart hire (confirmed via ESPN.)

2) What the hell has Dom Capers done to warrant being paid over $2 million a year as the D-coordinator in Miami? I remember nothing but crap losing seasons from him as a head coach ever since one season of leading Carolina to the NFC championship game. Coordinators shouldn't be getting head coach money like that, no matter how good. The Dolphins seem to be well on their way to becoming the Redskins of the AFC -- overpaying for talent and no team cohesiveness at all.

3) I've never quite been so happy to be so wrong on the Colts-Ravens game, because of the old Baltimore fans having the temerity to continue whining on SportsCenter about the Midnight Move even after the city swiped the Cleveland Browns.

4) Eagles coach Andy Reid has temporarily stolen the "Playoff Choker" coach label from Marty Schottenheimer, pending the outcome of Pats-Bolts this afternoon (which I'll be live-blogging over at AwfulAnnouncing.) Why is 4th and 10 worth going for it, but not 4th and 15?

5) Still going with the Hawks and SUPER-Chargers.

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