Thursday, January 25, 2007

so long, Snake.

Jake Plummer, like every other QB who gets replaced mid-season, still thinks he can be a starter in other places and sounds like he wants out, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Teams that could use a quarterback include Houston (yeah, that whole Mario Williams thing worked out real well, didn't it?), Miami, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay.

If the Broncos manage to deal him (cutting him would hack off too much in salary cap), I will miss him, despite his tendency to make me throw things at the television when watching the Horseheads play, mainly for the exquisite facial hair he displayed on a regular basis (except for this year, and that's where I think he went wrong.) Also, we can never forget that until last Sunday, he was the QB of the only team to hand Tom Brady a playoff loss.

He'll never have a ring, but I think Plummer will be one of those QBs who has a Jeff Garcia-like resurgence someplace else, with low expectations. Houston might be the place to do it.


The Almighty Ajax said...

In a world...wait.

(Movie guy voice): IN A WORLD...where Trent Dilfer is walking around with a Super Bowl ring, I wouldn't count Jake the Snake out of the running just yet.

But it burns me to see David Carr consistently badmouthed. All the kid has done is finish in the top five in the NFL for passer accuracy every year he's been a starter despite spending more time on his back than a Tijuana hooker. If Houston would just bite the bullet and spend some serious dough putting together an offensive line, they have all the tools at the skill positions they need to be a very scary offense. Domanick Dav--er, Williams is going to be an awesome back if he can stay healthy, and there's not a damn thing wrong with Andre Johnson or Eric Moulds that giving their QB more than 2.5 seconds a play to throw the ball wouldn't cure.

One More Dying Quail said...

Bill Belichick would take Plummer as his third QB, but he's about five years too young.

Signal to Noise said...

Jake has talked about wanting to go back to Arizona, and he'd be a better backup than Warner.