Thursday, January 11, 2007

biting off more than you can chew.

Via What Would Tyler Durden Do, it seems Fed-Ex is looking for 50 big-large from the Redneck Trainwreck in exchange for full custody (and dude was dumb enough to shoot down $30 mil a while back.)

S2N does not limit its advice to musicians who play pansy-boy to get chicks when they've got man-sized musical skills. I'm also here to consult the gold-diggers of the world, and in some cases, I'd console 'em. Obviously, this is not one of the latter cases, but the former definitely applies.

Kevin, come on. You scored tail way above your station in life and got to live on the hog for a couple years, never mind wrecking a woman whom most dirty old men had fantasies about from the first video where she dressed up as a very naughty schoolgirl. You've got two other kids to take care of from your other baby mama, and you're trying to get $20 mil more for custody?

Let's be honest here: I bet you don't even remember the kids' names at this point, and what's $20 mil? You've already hit the peak; just take the cash, get an investment guru, and coast. I mean, you've been trying to live on the relatively cheap since you got the heave-ho, and it sucked. Hell, with $30 million, you can be a music mogul, or at keep your "famous for nothing" rating at least as high as Paris Hilton. Even better: get on one of those VH1 specials about the 80s.

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