Monday, February 12, 2007

the soap opera continues.

Isiah Thomas gets to breathe for a while, at least, as owner Jim Dolan has allegedly told Eddy Curry and others that Thomas isn't in danger of being fired, for now. Dolan made his very public ultimatum to Isiah last year, after the absolute fiasco that was Larry Brown was resolved acrimoniously. Since Thomas took over as coach, what's surprising is not only is the team playing at a better clip, Eddy Curry is apparently playing to his contract and to what the Knicks traded for in the first place.

I spent part of the weekend reading over this recent article from SI's print edition (which, nicely, made it onto the Web) about the megalomaniacal tendencies of Dolan in running the team, and if S.L. Price's article is at least relatively accurate, I'm not so sure the Knicks would really be in the clear even if Isiah was gone. Dolan and Thomas seem to be wedded at the hip as symbols of the past (and possibly future) ineptitude of the franchise. Now, Jim Dolan is portrayed as a very stubborn fellow -- his way or the highway; he's always right, no matter how wrong -- so, part of the thought process may be that he has to stick with Isiah; firing him is an admission that he got something wrong. If he sends Thomas to the guillotine now (as he should have years ago), it qualifies everything written about the dysfunctional management, and any revival of the franchise would be viewed in that context.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

um, yeah, so maybe isiah's job shouldn't be safe.

Signal to Noise said...

It shouldn't be, but somehow, it is. Dolan's fate and image as an owner seems to depend upon Zeke getting this team back.

Of course, assertions of confidence always come before the ax comes down.