Monday, February 26, 2007

interesting grounds for a split.

Giants WR Amani Toomer looks like he's going to get laid out in divorce court, if the New York Post is any indication. He's suing to annul his marriage because, he claims, his wife backslid on the agreement to have his children and a big family. She, naturally, wants the Eddie Murphy special ("I WANT HALF, EDDIE!")

Toomer, 32, alleges his wife refused to have the "big family" they had discussed before getting hitched in a Las Vegas civil ceremony in October 2002.

"This false promise was never delivered," he charges in documents filed in court.

Instead, Dabrowski "had up to four" abortions "against Toomer's wishes [and] without his consent," the Giant claims.

Now, if true, there's usually a reason for up to four abortions; women don't even go for one all willy-nilly and stuff. And boy, do we get it:

In her filings for divorce, [wife Yola Dabrowski] alleges "extreme cruelty," accusing Toomer of being "relentlessly demanding . . . insecure and paranoid."

The grid great insisted Dabrowski "cater to his every whim and need," she claims.

And when she didn't want to have sex, Toomer acted "irrationally and outrageously" - once urinating on her clothes, and another time tossing her BlackBerry into the Hudson River.

Think of it this way -- you want to be knocked up and bearing the children of someone allegedly immature enough to pull an R. Kelly on your clothing, never mind getting irrationally pissed off about not taking his last name? If you have half a brain and this happens to you, you'll be running to the clinic, too.

I surmise neither party actually knew what they were getting into before the marriage -- they did get hitched in Vegas.

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