Saturday, February 17, 2007

leaning on the clicker.

I think I'll eventually develop carpal tunnel -- I caught at least portions of every game in this week's edition of the Battle for the Aggro-Crag at Just Call Me Juice.

UCLA 81, Arizona 66 -- Just a beating. Chase Buddinger and Mustafa Shakur are somewhat less than advertised on the defensive end if they're letting Darren Collison hustle his way to 15 assists.

G'Town 58, 'Nova 55 - Deadly close game for quite a good period of time.

Pitt 65, Washington 61 - Closer than I thought it would be; Washington is picking it up, but a lot later than most people probably thought. I can't be the only one who thinks Pitt might be due for an early exit.

Syracuse 73, UConn 63 - Two disappointing teams with young players who haven't developed yet. Fairly sloppy game.

SIU 68, Butler 64 - Tied for best game of the day; SIU shut down A.J. Graves completely -- he fouled out with 5 points, and I didn't know guys like Jamaal Tatum could penetrate to the lane that fast.

Nevada 79, UNI 64 - Another butt-beating. Not even close for Northern Iowa. Nick Fazekas will likely make an NBA team happy next year when he's stolen in the late first round.

Memphis 78, Gonzaga 77 (OT) - Tied with SIU/Butler for best game of the day. You may cross Gonzaga off your list of tourney teams, and you may also cross off Memphis on your list of potential Final Four contenders. They're not going to make it past the Sweet 16 if they continue to shoot free throws as poorly as they did. Calipari should make them shoot free throws for the whole next week of practice.

UNC 77, BC 72 - Again, the Tar Heels scare me when the office pool rolls around; they reek of UConn from last year -- super-talented, can turn it on at any time, but they can slack when they're not motivated. Dudley was in foul trouble too early to pound as much for BC, although he picked it up and got 22.


One More Dying Quail said...

I think I went 7-1 this week. Of course, it doesn't matter much, since we all pretty much picked the same winners, but it's still a nice feeling, I guess.

Signal to Noise said...

I went 8-0 this week. ROCK.