Friday, February 23, 2007

cheap shots #5.

Site note: somehow I've cracked the top 100,000 on the Technorati links. I'm golf clapping for myself.

Now, let's hit the links.

1) Pacifist Viking's series on the Next Ten best in the NBA has been nothing short of great, especially with the comparisons to great poets -- do you have suggestions for the last member of the group?

2) The Head Chick explains what really happened when Pacman brought that $81K in ones to a strip club.

3) Eric at Seal Clubbers writes off JaMarcus Russell's career before it even began due to who will draft him.

4) When your attempt at a Great Moment in Hook-Up History fails, you gotta have a backup, and Scrap has found a Booty Call Contract.

5) Speaking of booty calls, the Newspaper Hack takes a hack at the maudlin hang-wringing over women and the college hook-up culture.

6) Lozo at Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog has had trouble with the A-Rod/Jeter sleepover comments, so much so he's started another blog.

7) The Big Picture has prepared a "Would you do..." tourney so you can get your picking skills sharp for March Madness. My first round upset pick: Sam Ryan over Rachel Nichols.

8) Mr. Irrelevant gives us some serious nightmare fuel with old school Charlie Hustle ads.

9) Awful Officiating looks at the NBA's given that long-time players will get foul calls to go their way and wonders why it's accepted.

10) And finally, With Leather has enlisted Sarah Spain as the underground's Jenn Sterger, and got her visit to Vegas for All-Star weekend.

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