Tuesday, February 27, 2007

all hail Christiane!

EDSBS, although disagreeing with the example, used CNN's Christiane Amanpour as an example of a "shameshag," someone you would be ashamed to admit that you'd sleep with.

If someone said that in my company, we'd be throwin' blows immediately. Rarely do we in the media get reporters whom are not only willing to risk their lives, venture into dangerous situations on a regular basis, and produce good specials of their reports. Networks wont' fund 'em any more, and the fact that Ms. Amanpour is still able to have a niche and the support at her job to do what she does best (go behind enemy lines, where folks such as the giggle monster that is Katie Couric would never tread) is enough to celebrate.

I also bring this verdict based on a couple of other factors:

1) British accent
2) Sex in dangerous locales

Both hot. However, if you would prefer younger and blonder with similarly derived accents and a propensity for reporting from nasty, dangerous places, I offer up CBS' Lara Logan, who smacked down Laura Ingraham awhile back after Ingraham mouthed off about the media being anti-war and pleaded with people to get CBS to air her reports.

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