Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Syracuse gets another stamp for the ticket.

Since there wasn't a bunch to do at work (slow news day), I got to watch most of 'Cuse just whooping on G-Town this evening (it helps when your sports anchor/occasional drinking buddy is a 'Cuse alum and wants to watch the game on the myriad of TVs anyway.) It was just a thorough, nasty deconstruction of the Hoyas, making them play unlike themselves with 19 turnovers and shoot under 30%.

That said, I still like the Hoyas -- 11 wins in a row is no small feat, and even the best of teams lose at times, and lose badly. Syracuse just hasn't had their younger players put it together and show what they're capable of for most of the season. This was a win the Orange needed more than the Hoyas, though -- and they may have just gotten themselves in the NCAAs, although winning a game or two in the Big East tourney wouldn't hurt either.

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twins15 said...

Yep, no miracle run will be necessary this time around for Cuse. Very impressive victory.