Saturday, February 10, 2007

cheap shots #3.

I've added a new RSS feed to the right, mostly because I've started to use Google Reader myself -- it's a stealthier way to read all the blogs, headlines, and commentary I want during work's down hours.

Google: making slackerdom easier.

Let's hit 'em up big-style:

1) Sports Media Watch takes a look at the State of the Networks, hitting NBC and ABC so far.
2) D-Wil at Sports on My Mind nails down my perennially underachieving Nuggets and the effect of GOP huckster Matthew Dowd on David Stern's iron-fisted rule.
3) Dwyane Wade talks smack about Dirk Nowitzki, and the Head Chick approves.
4) Complete Sports asks the question - Oden or Durant?
5) Run Up the Score has the latest rumor of Gruden replacing Reid as Iggles coach.
6) Off Wing Opinion says it's blasphemy that the NHL hasn't gotten a highlights show out of Versus -- I agree.
7) Dan Shanoff compares Agent Zero to Barack Obama.
8) AwfulAnnouncing gets ahold of some funny video of an announcer talking about the hotness of a women's b-ball coach.
9) And finally, Our Book of Scrap tipped me off to this dandy Pistol Pete highlight reel:

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twins15 said...

I really, really wish I had been old enough to watch Pete Maravich when he was still playing. Judging from all of the highlight reels I've seen, he had to be one of the most entertaining players ever.