Thursday, February 01, 2007

no such thing as bad publicity.

Surely Turner Broadcasting would have preferred not to have to deal with the massive amount of fallout caused by a semi-guerrilla marketing campaign for the new season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force being mistaken for a series of bombs in Boston, shutting down traffic for a day in already clogged areas, but if anything, it ensures viewers' eyes will be on the program.

None of the articles really mention how these things came to be seen as bomb threats, but then again, even my limited experience in TV news can tell you that everything's a goddamn bomb threat if left outside and alone long enough. Just Call Me Juice gets a better chuckle out of this than I could because I had to reconcile the idiocy and absurdity of the entire situation (along with the police state response) while writing the script on it for the show, and that leaves me in no mood to laugh.

I hope those displays eventually pop up on eBay, though. I'd cough up big-time.


Run Up The Score! said...

They're all over ebay, from what I understand. Pony up, sucka!

I'd like to have one, too. I mean, I already own a Carl t-shirt.

Signal to Noise said...

The only way those displays could have been better was if they put Master Shake on 'em.

"Lite-Brite, Lite-Brite, making art with colored light!"