Wednesday, February 07, 2007

more Pacer problems.

I've visited Indianapolis. It's not great, but not horrific. It's not a bad place to drive through, not much you'd want to stay for. Problem is, it's a city where if you're a pro athlete, any trouble you get into can spread real quick. The Pacers usually deal all their players with off-court problems (see Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest), and if the reports of two Pacers players allegedly beating up a local bar manager are legit, then Jamaal Tinsley, Keith McLeod and Marquis Daniels might be on their way out of town. All players are denying the assault reports.

These things are actually going to overshadow the Pacers' play at some point, which I'm not sure the team would totally mind, as they're not exactly lighting it up at 26-22, but since it is the Eastern Conference, it still makes them a playoff contender.

Problem is, the city of Indianapolis doesn't lend itself well to jail wisecracks -- wonder how you can modify "Hoosier" for that...

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