Tuesday, February 27, 2007

another reason hockey is the balls.

Because unlike the NBA, the trade deadline in the NHL means at least one blockbuster trade damn near every year (as well as a bunch of smaller ones) as GMs get ready to make their Cup runs. My personal and sentimental favorite has always been when the Avs snagged Patrick Roy from the Habs. This year's last-second biggie is Bill Guerin heading from the Blues to the Sharks, who clearly want to go all in for the run against Nashville (who dealt for Peter Forsberg a week ago) and Anaheim in the Western Conference (already loaded with the Brothers Niedermayer, Selanne, and Chris Pronger.)

Source rumor on Yahoo that has not officially been confirmed: Oilers' Ryan Smyth to the Islanders -- Smyth and Edmonton couldn't work out an extension and he's in a contract year; if true and confirmed, good for the Isles. They're one point out of a playoff spot behind Carolina at this point, and offensive help is a good idea.

Also worth noting: The Red Wings bring in Philly's Kyle Calder and the douchebag Todd Bertuzzi; the Avs are still having bad luck with goalies and have dealt for another one.

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