Saturday, February 17, 2007

damn you, NBC Sports. damn you to hell.

I hear the NHL doesn't get a hell of a lot from you for airing games on Sundays, and I get that this isn't your priority as far as your sports line-up goes. I understand that. That said: I don't give a fuck about San Jose vs. Dallas on Sunday. I see those teams a lot. I'm not sure the Midwesterners and New Yorker hockey junkies care a lot about the Blackhawks playing the Rangers, although Chicago dwellers might actually be thrilled to see their hockey team on TV, despite another down year.

How do you not know a national game for a hockey audience when you see one?

I want the Capitals and Penguins on Sunday afternoon. I don't care that Washington's next-to-last* in the best division in the league. The Pens are making a hell of a run right now. But most importantly: I WANT TO WATCH CROSBY AND OVECHKIN (and Malkin too.)

Jesus. This is why I get frustrated so easily with the sport as it is currently televised -- there is no concept of what makes a good game to show nationally, across the board, to hockey fans.

(*The item originally cited Washington as being "cellar-dwellers;" standings have them one point above Florida.)

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