Sunday, April 01, 2007

"One Down, 161 Left To Go."

These are my father's words after the Mets beat the Cardinals on the Opening Day Eve game 5-1, with a solid performance by Tom Glavine and five double plays turned by the Mets defense during the game, plus more defensive goodness like the play at the plate above, where Carlos Beltran hurled a rocket to home off a hit and threw out David Eckstein at the plate when Glavine was in a jam.

Naturally, my dad doesn't think he can make it through another Mets season, and as I tell him every year, "We'll make it. If you survived through all those lean years, winning won't kill you."


Mini Me said...

Good luck to your Mets! I think they have a good shot at doing some great things this season.

Signal to Noise said...

Yeah, so do I, but they're the Mets, and despite the best efforts of Omar, Willie, and the players on the field, sometimes things just go wrong for the team. At least it's only been 31 years since the last title.