Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gopher Problems.

The Big 10 just wants to rack up the Fulmer Cup points for off-season chicanery as far as college football goes, as three Minnesota Golden Gopher players, including DE Alex Daniels, CB Keith Massey, and RB E.J. Jones were arrested and are being questioned in criminal sexual assault allegations.

Here's the basics, from SI:

According to a police report, an 18-year-old woman was raped sometime between late Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The victim, whose name is not being released, was examined at a local hospital.

University Police Chief Greg Hestness said in a statement that his department learned of the allegation early Friday, and the players were being questioned that evening. Once the investigation is complete, he said, the case will be submitted to the Hennepin County attorney for possible charges.

"Obviously, this is disappointing news for any coach to receive," said Brewster. "There is an ongoing investigation and we will cooperate fully with law enforcement on this matter."

Coach Tim Brewster has suspended the three players until the allegations work their way through, which is a good way to nip it in the bud until truth and fiction are separated. However, this doesn't help with the recent Penn State party fighting allegations and Illinois' chicanery. It means the Big 10 may just beat the SEC in something for once, although I'm sure the Big 10 commish would rather this not be the way it's done.

Update: The Fanhouse is on it, and here's the Minneapolis Star-Trib piece they use.

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