Sunday, April 29, 2007

NBA Playoff Impressions: The Badass Power Of Baron's Beard.

Warriors 103, Mavericks 99 - Golden State is one win away from a massive playoff upset, and got a 3-1 lead in fantastic style. It looked bad early, as Dallas got up and Baron Davis got two quick fouls, but the Black Baron and his Magnificent Beard would not be denied, and when he hit that 40-foot 3-point shot to end the first half, you knew it was ON. The Warriors kept mounting comebacks, and when it came time in the fourth quarter, took the game over by hitting threes and making Dallas miss 10 of 11 shots late in the game. There were over 20,000 fans packing the Oracle Arena, and the best part of that telecast was when those 20K yelled "BULLSHIT!" repeatedly after Jason Richardson got whistled for a blocking foul in the third quarter. Baron finished with 33 points, Richardson threw in 22. I want to see more playoff beards in basketball.

Oh, and SUCK IT, SIR CHARLES. (Dumbass had the balls to say the only place worth living in CA was Los Angeles during the halftime report.)

Nets 102, Raptors 81 - Man, you think this team has no shot, and then Jason Kidd and Vince Carter just open two 40s of pure whoop-ass as soon as the starting whistle blows, including some damn near telepathic alley-oops and a stretch in the first half where Carter was incapable of missing a shot. Carter had 27, Richard Jefferson had 23, and Kidd was two rebounds away from another triple-double. If you are LeBron James and the Cavs, this team should scare you, despite its lack of any inside game.

(Photo: AP)


Marco said...

The Warriors Bandwagon is just overflowing at this point

Signal to Noise said...

Yup. I'm not on it because the Nuggets are still in it, but if the Spurs beat them and the Suns finish off the Lakers, I'll be pulling for the Warriors.

twins15 said...

Hey, no hating on Charles! :D

If the Warriors are able to close this thing off, I like them to beat Houston or Utah next round... I think they pose lots of matchup problems for either team.

open slather said...

You're a good writer.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'm driving the warriors bandwagon. it's awesome!

(not the bandwagon part...i feel sorta cheep being on it, but i'm certainly no warriors fan despite living in the bay area for years. still, go Ws!)