Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stealing Signals: More Ish Comes Back To Haunt Me.

Yanks 3, BoSox 1 - After Rich Karstens gets absolutely blasted in the leg by a line drive, forcing Joe Torre to bring in the recently demoted Kei Igawa, I start cackling mercilessly at my television as Joe Buck reads over a montage of bad Yank pitching from this season so far. Igawa then throws six innings plus of shutout ball, bolstered by a homer from Jorge Posada off Tim Wakefield. Shows you what I know, but the rumors about Torre's job security and replacement by bench coach Don Mattingly are already swirling.

Angels 3, ChiSox 0 - In short, Sarge Jr.'s leadoff homer was all the Halos needed, as Jered Weaver gets off the snide for his first win. The White Sox offense is not helping their pitchers out at all, with seriously anemic offensive output.

Padres 3, Dodgers 2 - After giving up runs early, Greg Maddux and the Padre bullpen threw six innings of shutout ball to end it. The Padres got to Brett Tomko for a three run 4th inning, although Tomko did make an amazing line drive grab in the fifth inning that made Vin Scully sound as if he'd just jumped out of his seat watching that play when he called it.

D-Backs 5, Giants 4 - SF loses two straight after eight games of victory, but Barry knocks #742 out of the yard. Giant starter Matt Cain is betrayed by the pen yet again, as relievers cough up a 4-1 lead he'd left them with.

Cubs 8, Cards 1 - Seven innings and one run for Carlos Zambrano, and the Chicago lineup goes absolutely batshit on Adam Wainwright in the fifth, topped off by a bases-loaded triple by Cub whipping boy Jacque Jones. I was cursing myself for forgetting to put Wainwright and Tim Wakefield in my fantasy lineup today since they were starting. I think I'm better off now.

Orioles 7, Indians 4 - Bizarre little ump error: a sac fly by the O's in the third isn't called one (runner scored before the runner at first was doubled off), and crew chief Ed Montague adds it on in the sixth inning, when the call probably should have been made earlier. Indians played the game under protest after that, but they probably should have taken their anger out on the bullpen, as they got a lead off a Jhonny Peralta homer and then had the bullpen cough it up.

Mets 6, Nats 2 (12 innings) - Carlos Beltran and David Wright get two-RBI hits in the top of the 12th to get the win, as the Mets were running out of players at that point and manager Willie Randolph had already been tossed.

(Photo: Associated Press)

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