Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stanley Cup Endurance Test.

I love quadruple-overtime games that you don't realize are still on until you get home from work, and you see Versus is in their umpteenth intermission report, and that the 4th OT between Dallas and Vancouver is ready to get started. It was nasty, sluggish, and as essential to hockey in spring as the playoff beard.

The Canucks pulled it out 5-4
, near the end of the 4th overtime, when Daniel Sedin dished it to his brother Henrik to get it past Stars goalie Marty Turco. The Stars had come back from two goals down to force overtime in the first place, but Roberto Luongo held strong through what turned out to be two full games and more of hockey.

If this is what we're gonna see for the Cup playoffs, bring on more. I can't wait.

Other games: Anaheim beats Minnesota, San Jose tops Nashville, and Ottawa knocks Pitt back one.


Sanchez said...

Losing in quadruple OT is something that no man should have to endure!

Signal to Noise said...

When you hit 4 OTs, it's hard to move. Watching parts of that were painful because those guys were tired, but it's why we watch playoff hockey, because the game is an endurance test to begin with, never mind if you get to 20 minute extra periods.