Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nutt Busting.

EDSBS and Journo Rock are all over the latest mess that makes up Las Cronicas Locas de Boss Hawg (TM Swindle and Montana, when are we gonna see a script, gents?) -- for the uninitiated, that's Houston Nutt, Arkansas football coach, and boy oh boy, are there a lot of fun accusations in this one. If you want to read the whole PDF, here it is, but the Newspaper Hack already did it so we don't have to (although I must admit, the good stuff kept me captivated for a good half-hour or so). Here are the biggies:

1) Involvement in an email from a booster supportive of him to QB Mitch Mustain titled "Hello Mr. Interception King"
2) Hiring a new O-coordinator while the old one was still around; hell, you could say, behind his back even.
3) Flirting with both N.C. State and THA U on their recent head coaching vacancies.
4) Doing more than just flirting with local TV anchor Donna Bragg. (Well, you have to give him good taste. I know college coaches text-message like mad to get recruits, but thousands to a woman not involved with the program is well, questionable.)

Coach Nutt probably needs to make like Altman and get the hell out of Fayetteville while he still can. If a booster is willing to put together this 48-page doc based on FOIA requests, that's more hardcore than you really need at your program.


Newspaper Hack said...

Did I piss off Deadspin, or something? I mean, my post is either No. 1 or in the top three in a Google search, linked in about 10 different places, and they go with Loser With Socks? Insane.

Newspaper Hack said...

Squeeky wheel gets the grease, I guess. I just got promised a link and commenting privilages.

Just wait until I start commenting at Wonkette and get my happy ass banned.

Signal to Noise said...

Hack - it seemed weird when I saw it, but the result is clearly good for you. I got my commenting invite with a Dennis Green joke.

I don't comment on other Gawker sites for that reason -- they seem much more hair-trigger about commenter executions over there.