Friday, April 20, 2007

Ricky And The Rams?

It sounds like Rams coach Scott Linehan is highly interested in Ricky Williams if the running back is reinstated by the NFL after his suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy (although he probably shouldn't have said so publicly.)

But by all rights, he ought to be. Williams is a capable backup, and that's what St. Louis needs in a league largely going to two-back systems to cut down on wear and tear. While having Stephen Steven Jackson as your starter cuts off any need for alternating series, carries, etc., it's always good to have an insurance policy. We don't really know where and or if Ricky fits in with Cam Cameron's new regime down in South Florida. Linehan knows Williams, having served as the Dolphins' O-coordinator under Nick Saban prior to leaving for St. Louis.

It completely depends on what Miami management would want in exchange for him, however, because he's still under contract with the Dolphins. To more practical matters, let's note that Ricky is 30 -- not completely gone, but this is the age where running backs usually lose a bit more in the tank. Still, perfect capability for a backup RB, and the Rams could probably land him for a late first-day draft choice. Anything higher than third round pick wouldn't be worth the trouble, though.

Also, expect a nice letter from Big Rog about the whole spiel, Coach Linehan -- that would be called "tampering."


Kyle said...

It't SteVen Jackson. StePHen Jackson is that insane, gun-firing loon that is currently scaring the bejesus out of Oakland-area residents.

Signal to Noise said...

Kyle - fixed.

It'll take much more than Stephen Jackson's gun collection to scare Oakland residents.

randjamal said...

He may be 30 but he doesn't have the miles on his body that most backs of his caliber have by that age. Unless massive amounts of THC is the same as being hit by a linebacker, in which case he better retire now.

In any case, I'd want him on my team if I was an NFL GM.