Friday, April 06, 2007

Somehow, We Let All The Morons On Radio And TV.

First, we have the widely chronicled case of ESPN's Colin Cowherd sending all his listeners to flood The Big Lead so they got knocked over their bandwith. TBL is still down. What makes this especially egregious in terms of professional conduct is that TBL, for all I know, never took a shot at Cowherd, and he did something of questionable legality for kicks. I only watched the guy when the Sunday morning edition of SportsCenter would have him, and mediocre would be kind, as far as a description goes. TBL has been nothing but kind to me as far as linking to my stuff every now and again, and what Cowherd has done is damn near the definition of douchebaggery. Flood his show with calls tomorrow and block his phone lines (that is, if you care to listen to the idiot); email the new ombudswoman at ESPN if you're so inclined.

Second, an illegal immigrant is being charged with the death of two girls in a drunk driving accident in Virginia. This is Bill O'Reilly debating the topic with Geraldo Rivera on his show:

I'm not sure whether it's worse that I'd like to see both of them go to blows or that I actually am taking a side with the otherwise noxious Geraldo.

Hat tips to Sports Media Watch and the News Blog.

Third and finally, we have the wonderful example of Don Imus, pontificating on college basketball by calling Rutgers' team "nappy-headed hos" after his EP called them "hard core hos" because they had tattoos.

Don Imus is considered a political player, pundit, and comedian extraordinare. Where the fuck does he get off with his faux-cowboy hick routine after decades in fucking New York City, and how does he continue to get respectable political figures and journalists (right, right; oxymorons, I know) to appear on his radio show/TV simulcast while he spouts the most blatant, racist diatribes? I've read a couple of his books -- it's basically a shock tour on paperback, and I don't understand why people find him so goddamn funny. Usually, I'd be more erudite and break down his unique brand of douchebaggery, but I've got too much of your basic rage going on. Fuck him and Sid Rosenberg (whom I am reminded suggested that you couldn't get interest in a nude pictorial of Serena and Venus Williams from National Geographic once) right in the goddamn ear.

Tips to Awful Announcing for video and Sports Media Watch for a transcript of the juicy bits.


Sanchez said...

Fortunately the blogging community is biting back at Cowherd now.

These people need to learn that sports bloggers have a collective voice and we will use it against them if they mess with us or don't give Gus Johnson enough air time.

Signal to Noise said...

Yeah, it's been good solidarity on that one.

Anonymous said...

Cowherd may have violated federal law.

Check out 18 U.S.C. 1030 (Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers)