Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheap Shots #15.

Yesterday's hit total has to be a freakin' record for this site, but what do I expect when I send out a link about cheerleaders and threatening letters? Anyway, hopefully some of you who came via various links will stick around (eventually, I will develop a feature or two).

Now, it's time to give that love back. Since these link fests seem to be a twice-weekly thing now (or whenever I get lazy), if you've got something interesting, send it to s2nblog of the Google mail variety (or just click on the "Contact the Management" link on the right.)

1) I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that Larry Brown is going to interview for the Grizzlies job. [Just Call Me Juice]
2) Pedro Martinez or Sandy Koufax. Who ya got? [Complete Sports]
3) Given the obvious double-entendre of going five-hole, a quiz about hockey and sex is only natural. [Hockey Rants]
4) Nick Saban hasn't signed a contract in Tuscaloosa? What could possibly go wrong? [The Feed]
5) Why I hate being a Bronco fan on draft weekend: Shanny's crap track record. [Orange Bucksnorts]
6) Rule #1 for publicists: keep the lies straight. Michael Vick's publicist fails at this. [WBRS Sports Blog]
7) An interview with Carl Pavano's hottie ex, and I'm pretty sure it actually happened. [Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog?]
8) Sanchez is still trying to get you all to see the beauty in rugby. [Shot to Nothing]
9) The Fourth Stage of Las Cronicas de Boss Hawg -- lawyers get involved, accusing the school of not investigating emails with scurrilous charges against Houston Nutt. [EDSBS]
10) Inspired by Julio Franco's apparent discovery of the Fountain of Youth, a look at other diamond oldies. [One More Dying Quail]
11) Some of the better (read: nastier) head shots in sports caught on video. [Seal Clubbers]
12) A round table of sorts on the structure of the NCAA hoops tourney (yes, I was invited, so it's semi-self promoting.) [Sports Shows On Mute]
13) Sandy Belle shows us in song how she'd support the troops. [Run Up The Score!]

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