Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NBA Playoff Impressions: Holding Serve.

Rockets 98, Jazz 90 - Tracy McGrady wants to make damn sure he gets to the second round of the playoffs this year, I think. 31 points in game 2 will give you that thought. Carlos Boozer had an absolutely monstrous game in a losing effort with 41 points, which I was not aware that he was even capable of getting near in a game. Houston shot like crap from the floor, but the interesting tidbit is that their free throw shooting saved them -- Gargamel apparently does not let a player leave practice until they hit ten free throws in a row. I like this practice, and believe it should spread around both the pros and college. The Jazz are now up against the wall, though -- they can get a game back in Salt Lake City, but if they can't win when the Rockets shoot badly, it won't help them.

Pistons 98, Magic 90 - The Pistons are methodical, efficient and nasty. When you have all five starters in double figures, and Antonio McDyess throwing in his usual few off the bench, it means your stars have to perform at their top to beat them, and Dwight Howard was not on top of his. Hedo Turkoglu and Grant Hill were the only Magic players in double figures until Darko Milicic joined them with 10 in the fourth quarter. It looks like they're giving up already, or forgot to show up.

Also worth noting: The Suns' Leandro Barbosa got his Sixth Man award after ripping the Lakers hard yesterday.

Bonus photo below, just because it was funny and/or kinda sexy. If you feel like it, caption contest away.

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