Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stealing Signals: 17 Innings Of Vin Scully Is Fine By Me.

Dodgers 5, Padres 4 (17 innings) - Knock-down, drag-out wars of bullpen and bench attrition are fun, until you realize that it could fuck up starters for the next few days. Brady Clark doubled home the winning run in the top of the 17th, scoring Wilson Valdez, who reached on an error by backup catcher/emergency 1B Pete Laforest. The problem for the Dodgers in this win: they left something like 15 men on base during the game.

Mets 1, Nats 0 - Pitching duel between John Maine and Jason Bergmann, and Carlos Beltran gives Maine a 4-0 record with a solo home run.

Phillies 6, Marlins 1 - Grumpy old man Jamie Moyer throws six innings of no-hit ball, and threw seven and a third of one-hit ball in total for his third win of the season. A Miggy Cabrera double snaps the no-no. Most of the Phillies' runs came on a late double in the eighth.

Rockies 9, Braves 7 (11 innings)
- Matt Holliday hits a two-run walk-off homer for the Rox to avoid being swept, but the play everyone's talking about is SS Troy Tulawitzki's unassisted triple play: runners on first and second, catches a line drive, taps second base with his foot, tags the other runner.

Tigers 4, Twins 3 - If Brandon Inge wants to get out of a season-starting slump that's got him hitting .122, hitting a walk-off homer is one heck of a way to get started. Johan Santana and Mike Maroth had similar lines, giving up three runs apiece in about the same number of innings worked. Magglio Ordonez got a two-run jack off Santana.

Rays 5, A's 3 - There's a lot of power in that Tampa lineup: all the runs were provided via long-ball today. B.J. Upton brought in two others when he hit his, and Rocco Baldelli and Elijah Dukes went back-to-back off Dallas Braden, who's subbing for Rich Harden. Pluses for the Athletics: Mark Ellis and Eric Chavez went back to back as well.

Angels 5, White Sox 2 - More back-to-back jack action, this time courtesy of Maicer Izturis (what?) and Vlad the Impaler for the Halos. Kelvim Escobar only gave up a two-run homer to former Angel Darin Erstad in a strong start.

Red Sox 7 , Yankees 4 - Sox take two out of three from the Yanks, and hold them to 11 runs total over those three games (not a lot for that high-powered lineup). Red Sox got homers from Manram, Big Papi, and Alex Cora. Jonathan Papelbon hasn't blown a save yet. If the majority of your offense comes from Doug Mientkiewicz, you've got problems.


DCScrap said...

I could sit through 27 innings of Vin. I might doze off a couple of times, but it would be considered a great day, nonetheless.

Signal to Noise said...

If someone had to narrate my life, I'd go with Vin Scully. He might reveal stuff to the viewer that I might not want out there because he knows all, but it would be great nonetheless.