Saturday, April 28, 2007

Draft Day.

Late to the party -- yay, hangover. If you're watching, Deadspin and Rumors and Rants are doing live draft coverage of each pick. Here are some cobbled thoughts right now. More to come after the first round is done, including the look at the Broncos picks.

JaMarcus Russell is already gone (good move, Raiders); Matt Millen drafts another WR, but Calvin Johnson's better than any of the guys before him. Cleveland passes up on the Domer QB for the tackle who'd rather go fishing from Wisconsin. Tampa takes Gaines Adams as consolation (and are probably on the phone with Millen.) The Skins take a good safety, and Adrian Peterson goes to the Vikings...Quinn's probably going to the Dolphins.


AMAZING FEATS OF STUPIDITY UPDATE: The Miami Dolphins have now just gone completely stupid, as in "Man, fuck yo' team" stupid. I've ragged on Brady Quinn a lot, but man, passing on him was, in Jimmy Johnson parlance, DUH-UMB. Taking Ted Ginn at #9 is fifteen picks too high. Miami, you just made Matt Millen look like he knows how to draft.

BRONCOS UPDATE: Shanny trades up to #17 with the Jags and drafts Jarvis Moss!


Gangsta D said...

Do you think Moss will help the Broncos more than a LB?

Signal to Noise said...

Gangsta D - oh yes. Due to the plucking of talentless hacks and castoffs from the Cleveland Browns, we've lacked a pass rush for years, and that's a primary need. The Broncos always have decent depth at LB, and despite the loss of Al Wilson, we need to get a pass rush going.

Gangsta D said...

Yeah I feel you. I was just hoping they would show some love to Jon Beason from The U. Gotta keep that 1st round streak alive:)

Signal to Noise said...

Both Brandon Meriweather and Beason got first round love, so Coral Gables' streak continues.

What's interesting to me is that the big TE you all had that everyone was talking about is still on the board right now, I think.

Gangsta D said...

The Bears are going to get him. Olson is special, physically, but he has a tendency to disappear at times and lose focus. Nevertheless, if Grossman gets the ball within 5 feet of him, insert joke here, he will snag it.

Signal to Noise said...

Yup, the Bears nabbed Olson, and it helps to have another TE with Des Clark. Hopefully Olson is prepared for the bukkake assault of passes from the Sex Cannon.