Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cheap Shots #14.

Because today was a travel day, and 3.5 hours in a car make me too tired to think. On a mini-vacation in L.A. prior to next week, when sweeps period begins, and no one gets to take a day off during sweeps. There will be posting, but because I'm kind of disoriented using a Mac, it'll take some getting used to again.

1) Taking on the anti-intellectualism behind the critique of Keith Olbermann's hiring for Sunday Night Football. [Pacifist Viking]
2) Lionel Messi is a bad ass, and now, we have online video evidence. [With Leather]
3) I would have gone with Steely Dan for a lyrical come-on to a 19-year old myself, but romancing Sidney Crosby with Winger works. [Girls Gone Sports]
4) Reminding us of the NFL draft's hit and miss nature, defensive edition. [Stiles Points]
5) As much of a dick as Joey Crawford was a few days ago, Doug Eddings takes the cake. [The Hater Nation]
6) Speaking of Crawford, here's some more context to place his Duncan ejection in. [The Starting Five]
7) Teams that call Madison Square Garden home have trouble staying away from sexual harassment claims, apparently. [WBRS Sports Blog]
8) The Bulls just screwed themselves by losing last night, because their first round opponent gets every foul call known to man. [Foul Balls]
9) Wait a minute. How the hell are you coach and owner of an NHL franchise and someone makes a trade you say no to? Shenanigans on you, Great One! [Chip Shots]
10) (Clicking "yes" to accept friend requests from "SirCharles", "KennyTheJet" and "MillerTime31.") [Sports Media Watch]
11) Someone in semi-professional media finally takes a whack at Whitlock. [AOL Sports]
12) You stay classy, Bob Costas. Seriously. [Awful Announcing]
13) Kevin Garnett, a man among (Timber)wolves. [And Here Come The Pretzels!]

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