Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Play GM, Day 2.

AA's still posting the rest of the first round picks in the Sports Bloggers Mock Draft, so go have a look. New picks every 15.

I took Texas safety Michael Griffin for the Broncos, as both desired Gator players (Reggie Nelson and Jarvis Moss) were off the board by the time I picked, and none of the D-linemen in the draft at that point were first-round pick worthy. Many mock drafts have Griffin as an early second-rounder, but I took him over Miami's Brandon Meriweather because he's less likely to get in off-the-field trouble (Meriweather, you'll recall, is one of the instigators in that Miami-FIU brawl from last year.)

I'm drafting for the Saints in the second round.

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