Monday, April 09, 2007

Cheap Shots #11.

Hope you like the new visual look. I did it because the old format was kind of hard to read for me. Also, there's a new sidebar called "Features and Series." If I ever happen to write another multi-part monster like the one on Whitlock's quick fix for the NCAA, it'll go there for future reference and easier reading.

OK, link time.

1) Jeff Baker of the Colorado Rockies seems a rugged man who can hit. [The Extrapolater]
2) As much crap as Carmelo Anthony gets, if a guy was harassing you and calling you a punk, your friends would beat him down too. [The Feed]
3) Jonathan Papelbon = the balls. [Larry Brown Sports]
4) Stiles continues his series with NFL beat writers. [Stiles Points]
5) Eddie the Eagle's in trouble with the law again. [The Big Lead]
6) I bet Jerry Jones really does draft like this. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
7) Joe Mauer is still growing at 24? [Babes Love Baseball]
8) The latest in very low Wonderlic test scores [Every Day Should Be Saturday]
9) Mike Hampton is cursed. [One More Dying Quail]
10) AA is (gasp) actually liking Stephen A. Smith in his new roles [Awful Announcing]

I can't believe it either, AA.

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