Monday, April 16, 2007


Early reports on national media say at least 20 are dead and more injured after someone shot up a Virginia Tech dormitory and apparently, shot into classrooms after that. The university is on lockdown.

Nothing to say but offer sympathy and solidarity to the victims and the school.

Update: They're now saying 22. Lockdown is over, and students are leaving campus. The shooter is dead (suicide), and was a student there. BD raises a good point in comments; how did this guy get to two buildings on the opposite side of campus?

Update #2: Now 32 people dead.


Sanchez said...

Oh man. Not again surely.

wtf is going on?

BD said...

Really no words to describe what I'm watching on CNN. The first hand accounts of what went on inside Norris Hall are truly unbelievable.

The shooter is apparently dead and more than likely took the cowardly suicide approach.

BD said...

Also can't help but wonder that if, it is, indeed the same shooter at both Norris and the AJ. How in the hell he was not caught in the two hours between the first and second shooting.

Run Up The Score! said...

Apparently, death toll is up to 32 now. Ugh.