Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cheap Shots #13.

After doing another double shift from 2:30 yesterday afternoon to 8 this morning, I'm kind of tapped out right now. I can't watch any more wall to wall VA Tech coverage for a while without getting cynical, and I need to preserve some empathy for an awful event.

So, we're going to hit the links.

1) David Stern owns his league, and lets Jerry Joey Crawford know he does not approve of his little tiff with Tim Duncan. [Awful Announcing]
2) Steve Phillips: shitty Mets GM, even shittier ESPN analyst. [One More Dying Quail]
3) Keith Olbermann gets added to NBC's Football Night In America lineup. [Sports Media Watch]
4) Obviously, some people were never taught the definition of satire. [With Leather]
5) Alyssa Milano is blogging about baseball, albeit with a bit of fashion line promotion. [Touch 'Em All]
6) Said Milano fashion line gets reviewed. [Ladies...]
7) Gentlemen, if you'd like to ensure involuntary celibacy, please see these NFL bedroom sets. [Shot to Nothing]
8) Please remove Vince Young from your fantasy draft list this year. [Foul Balls]
9) Counting down the NBA MVP candidates. [Complete Sports]
10) The list of top sports tax cheats. [The Wade Blogs]
11) Gene Upshaw continues to screw over the NFL old-timers. [The Feed]
12) Finally, forget going after rappers. Let's focus that Imus attention on another person who really, really deserves it. [Why Don't We Get Drunk And Blog?]

(I gotta say, I admire the way Lozo tackles his posts.)

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