Sunday, April 08, 2007

You're Either Very Naive Or Bad Liars.

Anyone with half a brain knew that as soon as former WVU coach John Beilein made a, well, beeline for the University of Michigan's vacant men's hoops head coaching gig (he must have really wanted to get out of Morgantown if he was willing to pay part of his own buyout) that Kansas State coach Bob Huggins was one and done in Manhattan, off to his alma mater.

K-State AD Tim Weiser and president Jon Wefald clearly lack half a brain between the two of them, and played indignant when Huggins' departure was official.

"If Bob had indicated to us about a year ago this time that he needed something in his contract about his alma mater, then we would have gone on," Wefald said. "We would have looked at somebody else."

Shenanigans. You hired Huggins despite his poor graduation rates, his DUI, and other red flags because you wanted to be a Big 12 power, and you wanted a name coach to get you there and recruit players who could contribute to that. Every columnist at the KC Star (including a certain Uncle Ruckus) has gotten this one right: these guys are bullshitting hard, playing the naif for print and camera, especially when they promoted two of Huggy Bear's assistants at K-State to head coach and associate head coach, who are basically known for nothing save an incoming recruiting class that includes Michael Beasley.

And it makes complete sense to do that from a basketball standpoint: Billy Gillispie and Acie Law IV have both left Texas A&M; Rick Barnes may be still be at Texas, but Kevin Durant most likely won't be; Bill Self and Kansas will still dominate the Big 12, but there's serious room for a new #2. Just don't play like you got suckered. Both K-State's AD and prez knew what they were getting into, and signed that deal with the devil. Beasley's apparently going to honor his commitment, so sayeth his mother -- so you're getting what you paid for.

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