Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rex Wrecks Halo Telecasts.

If there's any argument against the supposed wisdom of bringing in former players, managers, etc. to be color people for telecasts, Angels color commentator Rex Hudler is most certainly the epitome of it. He hasn't been at it long enough to be "respected" before people can actually call him on his bullshit (see Tim McCarver, Billy Packer), and he happens to be a local guy for Fox Sports, which has a tendency to hire the worst local guys ever -- his play-by-play partner, Steve Physioc, is not even worth mentioning, as it's almost as if he isn't there, really.

The reason I get all huffy about morons like Hudler, who have mediocre playing careers and go on to even more mediocre announcing careers, is because they unleash crap analysis like this on a nightly basis. Bottom 4th of tonight's Angels-A's game, with a runner at second and Jered Weaver facing Mike Piazza:

"Mike Piazza knows situational hitting. Every hitter knows that whenever you come up to the plate, it's a situation."

Even McCarver hasn't said anything that banal in a while. What's even worse is that Hudler apparently came up with "Big Daddy Vladdy" for Vladimir Guerrero (or at least thinks he did), and uses it all the time.

This kind of stuff makes me turn off Angel games and watch the Dodgers instead, because there's a chance I get Vin Scully instead, and I've already expressed my sentiments on how that man can do no wrong. We'll need to clone Vin, find some leftover Jack Buck DNA, reanimate Herb Carneal, and see if we can develop an anti-aging solution for Bob Uecker while we still can.

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Larry Brown said...

my pops quit watching angel games a few years ago because of hud. i get by just tuning him out. if we're ever watching together, the joe morgan rule is invoked -- hello mute button!