Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Keef Strikes A Blow For Family Values.

I really don't have any reason to be shocked at what Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards does or admits to when it comes to the drug aspect of sex, drugs, and rock and roll -- this is a man who's done enough smack and coke to drive the gross national product of both Afghanistan and Colombia, and yet for some reason, my jaw just dropped when I read that he'd told NME that he snorted his dad's ashes with a bit of the white pony after Bert Richards bit the dust in 2002.

Keef will outlive us all; if there is a nuclear holocaust, it will just be him and the roaches left with the fallout, so again, I shouldn't be shocked at all when the man mixes in some cremated body with his nose candy. However, this was done in 2002 -- not when he was all strung out and high enough to travel through several altered states and galaxies in a 24-hour period, but when he had somewhat settled down.

I had Richards at number one on the rock bad-ass scale as far as this kind of stuff goes, but Lemmy from Motorhead was a very close second. Now Keef has to go and lap Lemmy again. Cheers, Keef; all those drugs have clearly preserved you so you can continue to do outrageous crap in your old age.


Sanchez said...

Excuse me for stating th obvious, but that right there is some fucked up shit

rstiles said...

I believe this douche bag really did snort his dad's ashes....look at the fucker, he's literally fried...he has no morals

Keith Richards is a douche bag

Gangsta D said...

If Keith crystallized his own urine and snorted it, I wouldn't be surprised. When I read the story, I was like "Yeah, that seems about right."

One More Dying Quail said...

Great point in the second paragraph. Like you, I started reading and said, "No big deal - Richards was NUTS in the '60s and '70s."

Then the article said his dad died in 2002. Wow.