Sunday, April 29, 2007

Two Seahawks Leave The Nest.

This post was mostly an excuse to use a great mugshot yet again, but it seems Jon Gruden will take any castoff you can think of to assemble his bunch of privateers in Tampa Bay this season, and that now includes former Seahawk tight end and bad example Jerramy Stevens, someone who is enough of a mark-ass mark to be hated on by his own team's fans even before he got busted for DUI a couple of months back. Why Gruden wants or needs him -- especially with the other Alex Smith already as the starting TE -- is the bigger question. Now, the Bucs have a logjam at both TE and QB.

Seahawks GM Tim Russkell may be suffering from some form of brain lock, though, or may be hitting the bottle too -- why trade the best of your stockload of wide receivers in Darrell Jackson to a division rival for a defensive end, instead of dropping the dead weight of Nate Burleson, for example? Because apparently Jackson was less than thrilled with the organization for not paying up and re-negotiating his contract. No one will miss Stevens, but the latter move may hurt the Hawks enough to where the Rams and the Niners could knock them off their perch as the champs of the NFC West.


Seth said...

Burleson showed some life at the end of last year--optimistic Hawks fans think he'll be much better after another year in the system. As for the Darrell Jackson trade? Inexplicable.h

Mini Me said...

How can you trade DJ like that, within your division. Doesn't make any sense.