Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stealing Signals: Our Long Nationals Nightmare.

Braves 8, Nats 0 - The Nationals have not held a lead at any pitching point this season; their only win has come off a ninth inning single by Dimitri Young against the Marlins. Andruw Jones gets off the schnide with a homer. DC's been outscored 53-18 since the beginning of the season.

Red Sox 14, Mariners 3 - Ah, the football score game. Jeff Weaver's wishing he stayed in the National League after getting pelted for seven runs in two innings. Winning pitcher Josh Beckett said, "We pulled out the whupping sticks today." Won't get any easier for the M's -- Matsuzaka's pitching tonight.

Yankees 10, Twins 1
- Boof got bonked, early and often. A-Rod homers for the fourth straight game, then has to endure ribbing from winner Mike Mussina: "C'mon! Six homers in seven games? He's supposed to do that. Just ask you guys."

Indians 7, Angels 6 - Unlike the M's, the Indians' bats were ready after the long snow layoff, and showed it in Milwaukee. C.C. Sabathia gave up three runs through seven, and watched the bullpen almost give it away. Odd note: if the Indians had played at Jacobs Field, they were planning to give away thick black glasses like Charlie Sheen wore as Ricky Vaughn in Major League -- which was filmed at the old Municipal Stadium in Milwaukee.

Astros 4, Cubs 2 - the Cubs' acquisition of big bats hasn't worked so far at home, with only five runs in two games at Wrigley so far, and making the offensively challenged Astros look like bombers by comparison.

Brewers 2, Marlins 2
- new rule: apparently suspended due to rain in the 10th inning. It'll be re-started again tonight.

(Photo credit: AP, via Yahoo.)


Sanchez said...

"DC's been outscored 53-18 since the beginning of the season."

Really? holy crap...

Also, I'm not wuite over this whole, Marlins winning thing. What's going on with that?

Signal to Noise said...

sanchez - the Marlins will choke the winning away later.

Although they may finish ahead of the Phillies at this rate.