Friday, April 13, 2007

Boneheaded Cap Move, Horseheads.

Shanahan and the front office are going to release one of their defensive leaders and the core of their linebackers in Al Wilson, according to reports in ESPN.

What part of four-time Pro Bowler isn't worth keeping here? Yeah, it's probably injury-related, but this makes for a serious need to fill now, and it's going to screw up my accounting for the Broncos in the bloggers' mock draft when we get around to pick #21.

Either way, so long, Al. You held it down in the LB rotation for all seven years you were in Denver, and for that, we thank you.


Fred. said...

I wish I could say that I hate this move, but the guy drove me crazy when he didn't "wrap" during a tackle. He always went for the kill shot, sometimes whiffing worse than me on the golf course. However, the defense also suffered last year when he went down. I still blame the safeties.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

EVERY Bronco fan should hate this move. said...

I respectfully disagree -- he's more of a name than a performer these days

La Rev said...

I respectfully disagree, larry. He's never had high tackle numbers (though he led the team last year). With Wilson it's never been about numbers. Who takes his place as team leader now?
S2N, that "season that won't make me cry" I asked for the other day? Looking less and less available.
This blows.

stunt_daddy1 said...

It's tough to see Wilson go. I wrote my favorite Al Wilson memories on my blog, Wilson will be a tough guy to replace as far as leadership goes.