Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Reason Why Fox Is A Plague Upon Televised Sports.

I know it's not my cable company (lame-ass Charter) because every other station is cool. So, it's either the morons in the master control department of the local Fox affiliate fucking up the Dodgers-Giants game or the game's actual technical crew bungling the first Saturday telecast of the season with all kinds of in-and-out signal and digital noise. Like the no-name announcers aren't annoying enough.

Hmmm....the commercials are equally FUBAR; the signal is choppier than high tide at Big Sur. For now, I'm going to blame the local affiliate, but this is forcing me to do something I never thought possible: watch the Major League Soccer season opener on ABC instead. Sheesh.

Lame Announcer Joke Update: PBP guy broke out the age joke for the Giants, with an "It's the Dodgers versus the Codgers." At least he admitted it was lame two seconds later with a "Thanks for the courtesy laugh" to the color guy.

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