Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheap Shots #16.

Let's start the week off right:

1) Meet the non-Jarvis Moss picks of the Denver Broncos. [Big Money, No Whammies]
2) Tony LaRussa isn't happy with his city's local paper, and there's audio, too. [Larry Brown Sports, audio here]
3) If you missed it on Friday, the charges of assault against PSU players are in. [Run Up The Score!]
4) What would happen if college football coaches allowed famous alums to make videos like Will Ferrell does for USC? [Rumors and Rants]
5) An opinion on the Ted Ginn pick that isn't a pan. [Shot to Nothing]
6) The third part of an extensive Jemele Hill interview. [The Starting Five]
7) Best names in the draft. [Awful Announcing]
8) Measuring Joe Mauer's intangibles. [Extrapolater]
9) A warning for Pats fans considering purchasing a Randy Moss jersey. [Just Call Me Juice]
10) There's something funny about Steve Spurrier in that Under Armour ad. [Gheorghe: The Blog]

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