Friday, April 13, 2007

Cheap Shots #12.

Because I'm too busy laughing at the massive Mock Draft threads to produce any copy of value right now (read: also lazy.)

1) ESPN's ombudswoman continues to layeth the smacketh down. [ESPN, hat tip Awful Announcing]
2) Whitlock on TV? Good Lord, he fits right in with every other blowhard in the cable news rolodex. [The Big Lead]
3) SA is crushing on Jeff Francoeur and evaluates the Braves. [Ladies...]
4) The "Would You Do..." is back for another round. [The Big Picture]
5) Paul Pierce is on the shelf, and the young Celts are being given a trial by fire (just don't call it tanking.) [One More Dying Quail]
6) The Don Imus kerfuffle represents another missed opportunity to discuss race, sexism, and other problems honestly. [Pacifist Viking]
7) Another week, another bit of Houston Nutt nuttiness. [Journo Rock, EDSBS]
8) Speaking of college football, some videos on the lengths some will go to root for their school. [The Hater Nation]
9) A retirement card for Drew Bledsoe from some notable co-workers. [WBRS Sports Blog]
10) Mandy's tribute to The Alien That Is Sam Cassell. [Girls Gone Sports]

New blogroll additions: Orange Bucksnorts and Piles of What.

Got a wedding to attend this weekend, with all the friends coming back to town to chug beer and whiskey shots. Hopefully my mock draft pick comes before I'm totally sloshed and able to pick coherently.


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Hey, thanks for the link man. Love your shit.

rstiles said...

Nice layout of different blogs and their topics

Signal to Noise said...

hercules - you're welcome, and thanks.

rstiles - thanks. Trying to make the link posts at least good, in that sense.