Thursday, May 03, 2007

That's The Sound Of Another "Fire Millen" Sign Being Scrawled.

The FanHouse exists at AOL for a reason: to find the little things that some of the rest of us would completely gloss over in the muck of Peter King's usually mediocre column, and it only matters to me because it concerns my rooting interests. This is how much Mike Shanahan and the Broncos offered Millen for Calvin Johnson, about a month before the draft:

A month earlier Denver had offered two first-round picks, a second-rounder and two third-rounders, plus veteran linebacker Al Wilson, but when the Broncos wouldn't substitute another second-round pick for the injured Wilson, Millen turned them down. With that, the bar was set high.
Wow, that's a lot of stupid -- on both ends. Not only was the Rat Fink willing to mortgage the entire goddamn franchise on Calvin Johnson (never a guarantee, given the way WRs are dropping in value as far as the marquee player list goes), but he was willing to ape what the Saints did to draft Ricky Williams, and inherit the NFL's dunce cap from Millen as far as miserable personnel decisions go.

Yet Millen still said no. Is William Clay Ford, Jr. just a puppet, a marionette controlled by Millen? Detroit fans might just have reasons to consider that possibility.


La Rev said...

So, as Bronco fans, are we sad that the trade fell through or not? Thinking about Cutler throwing to Walker and Johnson for his entire career is a nice thought, but I think you're right when you say that the entire future would have been mortgaged. I'll just have to make the trade happen on Madden '08.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

6 first day picks for a position you don't need to fill that badly? That's bat-shit insane

Sanchez said...

H.O.L.Y. C.R.A.P.

I think Broncos fans should have been a little relieved that that trade didn't go through. But look back to this in two years time and I may be making the stupidest comment on earth.

We'll just have to wait and see. But yeah, Fire Millen.

Gabe said...

I find this report very hard to believe. Mortgaging multiple drafts for one player has happened in the past, but it's extremely uncommon. Considering that Shanahan hoards picks like few others, I find this report very dubious.

Signal to Noise said...

Gabe - I used to be with you on this, but I find it credible if only because Shanahan traded up this year to grab Jarvis Moss when he didn't need to (coughing up 3rd and 6th rounders) and then traded another pick to get Marcus Thomas. He would have at least thought about this.

E.M. Davis said...

The Broncos had no cap room at all to pay multiple picks, so they dumped a bunch (probably not the wisest move) in their draft day dealings.